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More Doodles and Things

I’m doing a pretty light post today, as I’m in full dissertation writing mode, so here are some sketchbook pages from a recent project. I was doing a lot of reading about counter-culture at the time, so most of the images and the text are inspired by Futurist, Situationist and Dada manifestos.


Doodles and Things

I am super busy with uni this week and don’t have very much time to think of nice fashiony things to draw/write about so instead I thought I’d share some sketches and illustrations from my current project. I’m creating a zine based on my manifesto as an illustrator. There will be lots of them, if you would like one let me know! All illustrations by me, all inspiration photographs have unfortunately been sitting on my computer and ┬ácan’t remember where they came from. Bad blogger, very bad blogger!