Just Give It Time/ The Perils of Trying to Create an Illustrated Fashion Blog

Since beginning this blog, I’ve noticed just how quick bloggers are to post about things. Whether it be outfits, designers, news, anything. I mean, I always new bloggers were fast, but I mean they are really, really FAST.

I always intended to combine my love of fashion and illustration on my blog, in a hope to maybe bring something a bit new to the blogosphere (not as arrogant as it sounds!) I mean, I didn’t want to regurgitate information from other bloggers; I wanted to add something new. I know that whatever I blog, someone will have got there before me, so to some extent, it will always be imitation, but you know, it’s the highest form of flattery, and all.

Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in blogging something you’ve read about on another blog, as long as you credit the original author, and weigh in with your own opinion.

The problem with illustration is that it takes time. Luckily, that’s also one of the most rewarding things about it as well. But it does mean that whenever I discover something I want to blog about, and set about illustrating it, I find that everything I could possibly want to say about it has been covered by other (very fantastic) bloggers!

So I’ve decided to share my rough sketches, straight away,  instead of waiting to finish the final images. In a way, I think this is actually better; a blog is a fast publishing tool, which makes it the perfect medium for work in progress. Perhaps my Flickr, or a website (if I ever get one!) might be  more appropriate for final work .

I’m a little aprehensive about showing my roughs, because they are very, very rough. Believe me, I’m no wacom tablet wizard! Showing rough work also gives me the opportunity to explain a little about how I work; I usually print out the roughs, and trace them up neater, adding in more detail and using the original image as reference. Actually, I think that a lot of the time I tighten up way too much; I lose a lot of the freedom that I find when I’m scribbling away on the computer with my ancient old Wacom tablet. I’m hoping that getting my scribbles out there will somehow make me see that they are valid illustrations in their own right, and perhaps don’t need quite as much refinement as I think.

So FINALLY, this brings me to Kirsty Ward (For some reason the little link button isn’t working so it’s a copy and paste jobby I’m afraid.)

Queen Michelle, and Susie Bubble have both blogged about her designs this week ( see what I mean?!)

Susie Bubble has written a lot about the designer’s history etc, so I don’t feel there’s too much to add, all I will say is that Susie isn’t a fan of the drawn on eyebrows, but I LOVE them, they’re one of the things that drew me into the photographs originally.

Lots of lovely sheer, drapes, and pastels. All the ladylike things I wish I owned/wore, but for some reason, don’t. I think when you spend so much time around paint/ink/industrial pressure washers, or working in a grimy pub, beautiful delicate shapes and fabric are not what you consider wearing!

I think what doesn’t come across very well in these sketches is just how beautiful the jewellery is, I implore you to take a look at her website. Beautiful!!


3 am insomniac musings

Just goes to show, if you draw at 3 am, it comes out poop. Also, I think I’m cracking under the pressure of uni work work work. Blogging awful scribbles at 3am from my Blackberry? In the dark?!! Insanity!

Leather Lover

This lady and her wares have been around the Blogosphere a million times, and I have admired her from afar for some time now, but being new to blogging and all and just getting into the swing of things perhaps its taken me a bit too long to write about her.

Just a quickity quick drawing. I tired to emphasise the harness by leaving most of the shirt plain, but I would like to work on it a bit more. Anyway, this post isn’t about my drawing, it’s about a lady called  Zana Bayne. She makes beutiful leather things, I can imagine wearing her harnesses with long sheer skirts and shirts, or over band tshirts and jeans. I’m especially drawn to the skinny strapped one, and I’ve started saving for it, one day soon it will be mine! I’d especially like to get my hands on one before a photoshoot I’m styling next month (more about that later- I’m excited!!)

She also runs a blog, Garbage Dress, which gives an insight into how she works. Clearly a lot of time and love goes into each item. Also, she’s got wicked style.

If you want to read a bit more about her thought processes, there are some great articles here, and here .

I believe she’s offering 10% off through January on her online shop, so if you’re after anything, now is the time! Go shop here.

some light reading

I’m writing this from my Blackberry, as I have found myself without the internet most of the week, and I couldn’t wait any longer to post! The wonders of modern technology!!
This picture pretty much sums up my life at the moment, and perhaps goes some way to explain my blog posting tardiness. I did promise myself no excuses this year though!
Anyway as you can see, that is a formidable stack of books. luckily they are all very interesting, which makes writing my dissertation a little bit easier.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be calling on the blogosphere for a little help with a project linked to my dissertation, its very important so I hope that some fellow bloggers will be able to participate by answering a couple of questions.
To sweeten the deal ill draw a portrait of every blogger who responds.
I know this is quite cryptic sounding at the moment, but once I get to a real computer and get my head out if these books I promise to make it a little clearer!
I’m off to do some light reading…


I saw this wonderful lady on Streetpeeper the other day. Well isn’t she just fantastic?! I wondered to myself, where does one get such exceptional headwear?! Well, Yazbukey, of course!

Poking around their site, I can see a lot of things I’d love to wear, although it seems I’ve jumped on the bandwagon a little late, as usual, and most things are sold out. I love the finger necklace, and the Gaga brooch the most.Naturally, excess is best in my books, so I think these would look especially good if you wore lots of them, on top of a shiny sparkly patterned dress! These things are HUGE as well, which is why I love them. I’ve never been into little cutesy accessories, but giant ones I can get on board with!

I can dream!

All that glitters/some rare Porter love

Those of you that know me will know that I have a love/hate relationship with the Porter Pub, where I have worked part time for the last three years whilst completing my degree. It can be the best job; wonderful staff, good music and lots of fun. But after three years working behind the bar, whilst struggling with a few long term medical issues, it can get a little tiring! Although I have to say, I feel very lucky to have a job, especially one I don’t hate. Plus, I get to work with my friends; who wouldn’t love that?!

This is a very rambling and somewhat tedious intro to some pictures I took on NYE. A sparkly evening where all the staff put on their best dress, pulled a few pints, and had an all round good time.

Fake Chanel temporary tats courtesy of Topshop, new spangly dress from the sales and  beautiful Owlita earring; a Christmas present from the boyf.

Very blurry behind the bar dancing; a pre-requisite required of all Porter staff.

Miss Hicks rocking the sixties look

And a quick rock’n’roll outfit change (and a sexy back).

Porter love

Porter love no. 2

A post-work 4am glass of champagne. (with some comical after work dazed expressions)

My new Jeremy Scott x Adidas kicks (an e-bay steal)

Some excellent footwear.

And a sleepy but happy Caz!

Evening All…

I’m about to head out to work, but I hope you’re all going to be seeing in the new year in style. I Thought I’d leave 2010 behind with a song… my resolution for 2011 summed up in six minutes…

Have an awesome nght!