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No Discount Necessary

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will have heard me talk about DI$COUNT before, but I thought it was definitely time for a re-visit.

These girls have ascended to a new level. Their recent work is incredible; time consuming, meticulous, original, and totally their own. 

Basically, I would do many bad things to get my hands on a piece of DI$COUNT, because these girls are headed for great things! Big things are happening. Their online, and offline shop is opening in March, and from what I’ve read, custom orders are coming in thick and fast.

What I really admire about them is their strength in remaining true to their aesthetic; something easier said than done when you’ve been through fashion school.

This is all sounding pretty kiss ass or whatever, but I couldn’t really care. I remember reading Nadia’s old blog ,Foxyman, before DI$COUNT existed, I thought her blog was awesome then, too. But Cami and Nadia together clearly make the perfect team.

Basically.. well fucking done.

All illustrations come from photographs owned by DI$COUNT.


3 am insomniac musings

Just goes to show, if you draw at 3 am, it comes out poop. Also, I think I’m cracking under the pressure of uni work work work. Blogging awful scribbles at 3am from my Blackberry? In the dark?!! Insanity!

some light reading

I’m writing this from my Blackberry, as I have found myself without the internet most of the week, and I couldn’t wait any longer to post! The wonders of modern technology!!
This picture pretty much sums up my life at the moment, and perhaps goes some way to explain my blog posting tardiness. I did promise myself no excuses this year though!
Anyway as you can see, that is a formidable stack of books. luckily they are all very interesting, which makes writing my dissertation a little bit easier.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be calling on the blogosphere for a little help with a project linked to my dissertation, its very important so I hope that some fellow bloggers will be able to participate by answering a couple of questions.
To sweeten the deal ill draw a portrait of every blogger who responds.
I know this is quite cryptic sounding at the moment, but once I get to a real computer and get my head out if these books I promise to make it a little clearer!
I’m off to do some light reading…

All that glitters/some rare Porter love

Those of you that know me will know that I have a love/hate relationship with the Porter Pub, where I have worked part time for the last three years whilst completing my degree. It can be the best job; wonderful staff, good music and lots of fun. But after three years working behind the bar, whilst struggling with a few long term medical issues, it can get a little tiring! Although I have to say, I feel very lucky to have a job, especially one I don’t hate. Plus, I get to work with my friends; who wouldn’t love that?!

This is a very rambling and somewhat tedious intro to some pictures I took on NYE. A sparkly evening where all the staff put on their best dress, pulled a few pints, and had an all round good time.

Fake Chanel temporary tats courtesy of Topshop, new spangly dress from the sales and  beautiful Owlita earring; a Christmas present from the boyf.

Very blurry behind the bar dancing; a pre-requisite required of all Porter staff.

Miss Hicks rocking the sixties look

And a quick rock’n’roll outfit change (and a sexy back).

Porter love

Porter love no. 2

A post-work 4am glass of champagne. (with some comical after work dazed expressions)

My new Jeremy Scott x Adidas kicks (an e-bay steal)

Some excellent footwear.

And a sleepy but happy Caz!

Evening All…

I’m about to head out to work, but I hope you’re all going to be seeing in the new year in style. I Thought I’d leave 2010 behind with a song… my resolution for 2011 summed up in six minutes…

Have an awesome nght!


Forgive Me Internet, For I Have Sinned

Two weeks since my last post! I promise to do better. I know how important it is to keep regularly updating, especially for a newbie such as myself, but I have had no space in my brain for anything except uni. I’ve been on Christmas break for a couple of weeks now, and I sort of collapsed into a blob of a blanket covered, chocolate eating vegetable for a while. I didn’t realise how much I needed a break.

So inbetween uni work I’ve been doing a bit of this:

(attempting to bake)

And a teeny tiny bit of this:

Norwegian Wood blouse

But mainly a lot of this:

CREATING A MESS. This is how my brain feels. Just. Terrible. I can’t seem to get to the end of this project! I’ve been Screenprinting for weeks but things just seem to go wrong all the time! I have more images of my screenprints in progress that I want to post tomorrow but now it’s time to eat turkey leftovers and watch re runs of QI.

Doodles and Things

I am super busy with uni this week and don’t have very much time to think of nice fashiony things to draw/write about so instead I thought I’d share some sketches and illustrations from my current project. I’m creating a zine based on my manifesto as an illustrator. There will be lots of them, if you would like one let me know! All illustrations by me, all inspiration photographs have unfortunately been sitting on my computer and  can’t remember where they came from. Bad blogger, very bad blogger!