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Time Disappearing Before Your Eyes

I had no idea how long it had been since my last post. I’m fairly certain nobody actually reads this anymore, you’ve all forgotten about me! I’ve been busy with uni (as usual blah blah) and I guess struggling a bit to fit everything in! But here are some recent drawings , some of which are on exhibition at the moment, along with some other illustrators from Bath School of Art. So if you live in the area, head down to the old AV Studio! It’s on 10 til 5 through to Saturday. ­čÖé


Leather Lover

This lady and her wares have been around the Blogosphere a million times, and I have admired her from afar for some time now, but being new to blogging and all and just getting into the swing of things perhaps its taken me a bit too long to write about her.

Just a quickity quick drawing. I tired to emphasise the harness by leaving most of the shirt plain, but I would like to work on it a bit more. Anyway, this post isn’t about my drawing, it’s about a lady called ┬áZana Bayne. She makes beutiful leather things, I can imagine wearing her harnesses with long sheer skirts and shirts, or over band tshirts and jeans. I’m especially drawn to the skinny strapped one, and I’ve started saving for it, one day soon it will be mine! I’d especially like to get my hands on one before a photoshoot I’m styling next month (more about that later- I’m excited!!)

She also runs a blog, Garbage Dress, which gives an insight into how she works. Clearly a lot of time and love goes into each item. Also, she’s got wicked style.

If you want to read a bit more about her thought processes, there are some great articles here, and here .

I believe she’s offering 10% off through January on her online shop, so if you’re after anything, now is the time! Go shop here.


Like I said before, I’m working like a crazy lady at uni right now, so here’s another illustration, again from my zine.

Doodles and Things

I am super busy with uni this week and don’t have very much time to think of nice fashiony things to draw/write about so instead I thought I’d share some sketches and illustrations from my current project. I’m creating a zine based on my manifesto as an illustrator. There will be lots of them, if you would like one let me know! All illustrations by me, all inspiration photographs have unfortunately been sitting on my computer and ┬ácan’t remember where they came from. Bad blogger, very bad blogger!


WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I’m sorry, but this little number took over my life for a while…

But I am back and will hopefully be updating thick and fast over the next week… I have lots to talk about!

The Stars Shine Bright

Space… stars and shiny things; I love it. Apparently, so does everyone else:

Christopher Kane

NASA (I hear they LOVE space… probably more than anyone else…)

December issue of VOGUE; the star issue. With the festive season approaching Vogue’s gone all glitzy. A surprisingly fantastic issue.

Looky looky it’s meee. A little space inspired photo shoot I did a while back photographed by my friend Holly. More on my Flickr!

Some more shameless self promotion… more on my flickr!

Trying To Construct A Narrative/Not A Fashion Illustration

This is based on a Greek myth about star crossed lovers who met in the woods, when one day unfortunately the girl was eaten by a bear… I think. Not the best description I know but it’s late and I can’t find the book….