Your Ribs Are Showing

(Please excuse awkward pose and manic glare… it’s my natural face)

I just wanted to show off a couple of new pieces that arrived the other week from Black Milk. This bodysuit is amazing, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable, which doesn’t happen very often with leotard-type things. It also doubles up as a swimming costume- a bonus as it will be fantastic for scaring small children at the local sports centre.

The suspender leggings: there aren’t many words to explain how awesome these are. They are made out of high quality sort of matte shiny (if that makes sense) leggings material, which makes them perhaps a little less slightly than sheer stockings. The top part where the stocking attach is like a pair of hotpants, instead of a belt. I’m sure people skinnier and shorter than me could get away with showing this bit off, bit I’m not sure the public’s ready to see my derrier just yet.

I’ve said this millions of times before, but I implore you.. buy Jame’s stuff! He’s a great guy with a wonderful blog, too.


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