All that glitters/some rare Porter love

Those of you that know me will know that I have a love/hate relationship with the Porter Pub, where I have worked part time for the last three years whilst completing my degree. It can be the best job; wonderful staff, good music and lots of fun. But after three years working behind the bar, whilst struggling with a few long term medical issues, it can get a little tiring! Although I have to say, I feel very lucky to have a job, especially one I don’t hate. Plus, I get to work with my friends; who wouldn’t love that?!

This is a very rambling and somewhat tedious intro to some pictures I took on NYE. A sparkly evening where all the staff put on their best dress, pulled a few pints, and had an all round good time.

Fake Chanel temporary tats courtesy of Topshop, new spangly dress from the sales and  beautiful Owlita earring; a Christmas present from the boyf.

Very blurry behind the bar dancing; a pre-requisite required of all Porter staff.

Miss Hicks rocking the sixties look

And a quick rock’n’roll outfit change (and a sexy back).

Porter love

Porter love no. 2

A post-work 4am glass of champagne. (with some comical after work dazed expressions)

My new Jeremy Scott x Adidas kicks (an e-bay steal)

Some excellent footwear.

And a sleepy but happy Caz!


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