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Evening All…

I’m about to head out to work, but I hope you’re all going to be seeing in the new year in style. I Thought I’d leave 2010 behind with a song… my resolution for 2011 summed up in six minutes…

Have an awesome nght!



Forgive Me Internet, For I Have Sinned

Two weeks since my last post! I promise to do better. I know how important it is to keep regularly updating, especially for a newbie such as myself, but I have had no space in my brain for anything except uni. I’ve been on Christmas break for a couple of weeks now, and I sort of collapsed into a blob of a blanket covered, chocolate eating vegetable for a while. I didn’t realise how much I needed a break.

So inbetween uni work I’ve been doing a bit of this:

(attempting to bake)

And a teeny tiny bit of this:

Norwegian Wood blouse

But mainly a lot of this:

CREATING A MESS. This is how my brain feels. Just. Terrible. I can’t seem to get to the end of this project! I’ve been Screenprinting for weeks but things just seem to go wrong all the time! I have more images of my screenprints in progress that I want to post tomorrow but now it’s time to eat turkey leftovers and watch re runs of QI.


Like I said before, I’m working like a crazy lady at uni right now, so here’s another illustration, again from my zine.

Doodles and Things

I am super busy with uni this week and don’t have very much time to think of nice fashiony things to draw/write about so instead I thought I’d share some sketches and illustrations from my current project. I’m creating a zine based on my manifesto as an illustrator. There will be lots of them, if you would like one let me know! All illustrations by me, all inspiration photographs have unfortunately been sitting on my computer and  can’t remember where they came from. Bad blogger, very bad blogger!

Winter sun.

It’s cold. Luckily, it’s also quite sunny; happy!

Tim Gasperak via Krisatomic, Roger. C , Alexander McQueen, Sou Brette jewellery, Susie Bubble wearing Sou Brette.


WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I’m sorry, but this little number took over my life for a while…

But I am back and will hopefully be updating thick and fast over the next week… I have lots to talk about!