Monthly Archives: November 2010

New Work

Haven’t decided on the colours yet..


The Stars Shine Bright

Space… stars and shiny things; I love it. Apparently, so does everyone else:

Christopher Kane

NASA (I hear they LOVE space… probably more than anyone else…)

December issue of VOGUE; the star issue. With the festive season approaching Vogue’s gone all glitzy. A surprisingly fantastic issue.

Looky looky it’s meee. A little space inspired photo shoot I did a while back photographed by my friend Holly. More on my Flickr!

Some more shameless self promotion… more on my flickr!

If I had endless money…

I’d be buying these.

Mum, Dad if you’re reading this… I promise I’d wear them everyday!

Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow


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Trying To Construct A Narrative/Not A Fashion Illustration

This is based on a Greek myth about star crossed lovers who met in the woods, when one day unfortunately the girl was eaten by a bear… I think. Not the best description I know but it’s late and I can’t find the book….

Deja Vu…

Yes it’s the same picture as my last post. Yes this makes me lazy. But look! It’s ILLUSTRATED! Yey! This my first watercolour in about 5 years, I went a little heavy perhaps. I can never seem to adhere to a minimalist approach even when I really try!DI$COUNT

Oh Ma Gawd