Of Creepers and Kimonos, part one

Creepers have been doing the rounds on the blogosphere for quite some time, so I’m a little late in the game, posting this now.

BAPE creepers; £200


Am I missing something here?!

Don’t get me wrong, I think these creepers are awesome, and I’m more than partial to a nice creeper myself. I’ve got quite a few pairs, most of which I’ve had since my early teens.

I love that these shoes, with their associations of punk and anti-fashion sentiment have found their way into mainstream fashion; is that a contradictory thing to say?! Possibly.

What I mean is I think the way fashion re apropriates meaning and subverses the contexts of particular items is fantastic. It keeps things fresh and exciting. And although to some extent I may always be a punk at heart, as I was when I originally wore these shoes, I don’t think high fashion detracts anything from the original meanings associated with them.

That said, and again I’m being contradictory here, I am amazed at the price tag attached to these (pretty amazing) BAPE creepers. I  guess that’s the one thing I don’t like about fashion subverting subculture, companies hike the prices when there’s something ‘underground’ to cash in on.

One of the great things about commercial culture and mainstream fashion is that it’s available to all. Which I think is a very punk concept! It makes cool stuff easier to find, and cheaper to buy. Then I see something like these BAPE creepers and I have to wonder…

Are they missing something?

Oh yeah, if you want to see someone doing it right, there is no other lady like MsFitz.


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