All S…

This, as you can see from this beautifully taken and notatall shoddy photograph, is the Aphrodite dress by AllSaints. Beautifully draped and in grey marl, it combines two of my favourite things.

But what’s this?…

A hole! A HOLE!! And after only two wears. I wasn’t even doing anything exciting, no aerobics, no cross-country running, not even any gentle lunging.

Now I really love a lot of AllSaints clothes, there isn’t anything quite like it on the high street. But I am constantly disappointed with the quality of their garments. They are marketed as high-end high street, with a hefty price tag to boot, but the quality I find is often on a par with something I would find in New Look.

I have a lot of clothes from AllSaints, mainly because I worked there for a chronic fatigue-inducing few months, and I got them half price, or free, but absolutley none of the pieces have stood the test of time.

So as an ex employee, I can vouch for the quality of their garments;

All Sh….

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