Punk’s not dead!

The medium may have changed, but not the message;

I’m not talking about a specific aesthetic,  but an attitude. Although I’d say the aesthetic’s pretty sweet too!

These are a few rough collages from my sketchbook based on the idea that bloggers are the new punks. The ladies in the pictures are Miss Susie Bubble (StyleBubble) and MsFitz. I’m also working on some sketches of Queen Michelle (Kingdom of Style) and Tavi (Style Rookie):

Apologies for the rubbish photos, I have no access to a scanner till Monday!

I’m thinking of turning them into record sleeves.

The concept of bloggers as the new punks was mentioned quite a while back by  fashion designer and leggings-maker extraordinare James Lillis (Black Milk blog). I can’t find the page anymore, but what he wrote struck me as something worth persuing.

Speaking of Black Milk leggings:


In my eyes, these bloggers are punk rock superstars, and I’ll tell ya why;

They create,communicate,innovate,participate and immerse themselves totally in what they believe in, whilst spreading the message to other people.

How cool is that?!


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