Time Disappearing Before Your Eyes

I had no idea how long it had been since my last post. I’m fairly certain nobody actually reads this anymore, you’ve all forgotten about me! I’ve been busy with uni (as usual blah blah) and I guess struggling a bit to fit everything in! But here are some recent drawings , some of which are on exhibition at the moment, along with some other illustrators from Bath School of Art. So if you live in the area, head down to the old AV Studio! It’s on 10 til 5 through to Saturday. 🙂


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Your Ribs Are Showing

(Please excuse awkward pose and manic glare… it’s my natural face)

I just wanted to show off a couple of new pieces that arrived the other week from Black Milk. This bodysuit is amazing, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable, which doesn’t happen very often with leotard-type things. It also doubles up as a swimming costume- a bonus as it will be fantastic for scaring small children at the local sports centre.

The suspender leggings: there aren’t many words to explain how awesome these are. They are made out of high quality sort of matte shiny (if that makes sense) leggings material, which makes them perhaps a little less slightly than sheer stockings. The top part where the stocking attach is like a pair of hotpants, instead of a belt. I’m sure people skinnier and shorter than me could get away with showing this bit off, bit I’m not sure the public’s ready to see my derrier just yet.

I’ve said this millions of times before, but I implore you.. buy Jame’s stuff! He’s a great guy with a wonderful blog, too.

A Trip To The Market

I took a little trip to the vintage fashion fair at the  Bath Fashion Museum over the weekend for a little time out from constant uni stressing. I had a very jolly time cooing over all the shiny 1920’s beading and beautiful lingerie.

Unfortunately these were the only two pictures I got away with taking before the camera police caught me.

The fair was quite small, and I think more specifically geared towards serous collectors. There was an impressive array of Edwardian and Victorian cottons, and I would of loved to of bought a piece, but the prices were a bit too steep for me. I did however snag  a beautiful  brooch with blue stones for £2.00, and my boyfriend bought me a cameo brooch for just £12.00. It’s really beautiful, and a lot larger than most that I’ve seen.

And the obligatory ‘what I wore photo:’

Look at the pretty horses! I found this blouse for £5.00 at Walcot vintage market. The AA skirt was stolen from my friend who was about to give it to charity, and the jolly quirky smiley shoes are from Topshop. I love them but the bells can be quite embarrassing whilst you’re walking!


I’m not really sure about outfit posts, is anyone interested in what I wear?! However, they are easy and sort of fun, once I get over the awkward bit of attempting to pose in some way that makes me look relaxed and notatall uncomfortable. I may have to resort to more of these over the coming weeks, until my dissertation is over with. What do you think? Good idea? Or a blogging bore?


Just a little doodle. Can’t seem to get it quite right. I’ve tried to finish it but there’s something about the outline that’s bothering me.  It’s a shame because I really would like to actually finish a drawing at some point!

The sketch feature Black Milk body suits. They are awesome.

More Doodles and Things

I’m doing a pretty light post today, as I’m in full dissertation writing mode, so here are some sketchbook pages from a recent project. I was doing a lot of reading about counter-culture at the time, so most of the images and the text are inspired by Futurist, Situationist and Dada manifestos.

No Discount Necessary

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will have heard me talk about DI$COUNT before, but I thought it was definitely time for a re-visit.

These girls have ascended to a new level. Their recent work is incredible; time consuming, meticulous, original, and totally their own. 

Basically, I would do many bad things to get my hands on a piece of DI$COUNT, because these girls are headed for great things! Big things are happening. Their online, and offline shop is opening in March, and from what I’ve read, custom orders are coming in thick and fast.

What I really admire about them is their strength in remaining true to their aesthetic; something easier said than done when you’ve been through fashion school.

This is all sounding pretty kiss ass or whatever, but I couldn’t really care. I remember reading Nadia’s old blog ,Foxyman, before DI$COUNT existed, I thought her blog was awesome then, too. But Cami and Nadia together clearly make the perfect team.

Basically.. well fucking done.

All illustrations come from photographs owned by DI$COUNT.